‘‘Drift Gold’’ - a new project by the Kris Lambert Library in Ostend

The Ostend's Kris Lambert Library has just launched new project titled “Drijfgoud” (“Drift Gold”). It is a new participatory project that encourages people to send in their stories, artworks, or creations associated with loneliness.

In the corona virus era, more and more people suffer from feelings of loneliness and social isolation. What does loneliness mean to you and your surroundings? What feelings come to the surface when loneliness effects you? These questiones are being asked Library's audiences/visitors/local communities.

With this new project the Kris Lambert Library in Ostend expands their digital storytelling platform with stories, creations and podcasts. Since the Library cannot meet its audiences in real life/time, this project give them new opportunities to grow and expand their digital skills - to interact with their audiences. The Library collects the contributions of the participants on a digital platform, sets up podcasts of stories and poems about loneliness and offers a participatory platform.

While the I_Improves' project of “The Forgotten Orchestra” filled the Librarys' digital storytelling platform with stories of/by people suffering from dementia, “Drift Gold” is a worthy sequel to it, dealing with another relevant topic effecting many souls.

You can check out the ''Drift Gold'' website (in Dutch) and see the  “Drift Gold” gallery.

Image on this page: painting "Under the waves" by Yves Velter


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