Belgrade, city on the two rivers, settled at the confluence of the Danube and Sava Rivers, Belgrade is ranked third among the world cities with the most beautiful location (only after Rio de Janeiro and Istanbul). The waterfronts in the Belgrade urban area are 200 km long. That same area also includes 16 river islands. Danube length is 2850 km and the Danube is one of the largest rivers in the world and the second largest in Europe. The course of the Danube through Serbia is 588 km and it is fully is navigable, making it a natural connection with Germany, Austria, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. In the Belgrade area, the course of the Danube is 60 km long and you can find around more than 7000 years of history, ancient roots of European Culture, excavations from Neolithic period to Medieval. 

No trip to Belgrade would be complete without exploring the riverside for a taste of life in Serbia’s capital Belgrade. The Sava, the longest river in the Balkans, is untamed and capricious. The river Sava is 945 km long and in the Belgrade area its course is 30 km long, from Obrenovac upstream to its mouth where it flows into the Danube. The larger and mighty Danube is known to most. The second longest river in Europe, the Danube connects Belgrade with world seas - the North Sea, at Rotterdam, through the Rhine-Main-Danube Canal and the Black Sea, into which it flows. 

In summertime over 100,000 people come daily to the beaches of beautiful Lake Ada Ciganlija and there will be thousands more enjoying themselves in floating cabins and boats on the Danube and Sava. The most beautiful stretches of river for a leisurely stroll are the quay on the Sava’s left bank from New Belgrade to the confluence with the Danube and from there all the way to Gardos Tower in Zemun, and the quay on the Sava’s right bank starting from the Belgrade Harbor curving towards sports center on the Danube. For cycling by the river, there are great bike paths leading along the Sava’s bank from Dorcol (downtown of Belgrade close to the Kalemegdan fortress) to Ada Ciganlija. The picturesque river islands - Ada Ciganlija and Ada Medjica on the Sava and the Great War Island on the Danube hold many attractions and are well worth a visit. Finally, for those who prefer to explore the rivers without getting wet or breaking a sweat, a boat cruise coupled with a drink, lunch or dinner will deliver just that.


Big War Island lying at the confluence of the Sava and the Danube rivers. Its name evokes its strategic importance for either conquest or defense of the Belgrade Fortress. It can be reached by small light boats operating from the Zemun Quay or by crossing a pontoon bridge connecting it to the mainland in summertime. The northern tip of the island, opposite the Zemun Quay, is a sandbank - the popular Lido Beach. Although crowded in summer, the beach is not developed as the one on Ada Ciganlija, and you will have to bring with you almost everything you need. The rest of the island is covered in forests and clearings, providing a habitat for a variety of small game and over a hundred bird species, including many endangered sorts. This is an ideal location for birdwatchers!