The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre

Gdansk, Poland
Cultural Centre

The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre (The BSCC) in Gdańsk is a public cultural institution of Pomorskie Voivodeship (regional authority) established in 1992. It promotes local culture and develops partnerships abroad, especially with the countries situated in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR).Our projects include exhibitions, concerts, conferences, and literary sessions.

The BSCC is a member of many European networks such as Culture Action Europe (CAE), River Cities Platform (R//C), Stage Network Europe and the Anna Lindh Foundation.

The BSCC has realised several big innovative and inspiring international projects. Among others, in July 2011 in Sopot the BSCC organized an official cultural program for Polish EU presidency. entitled “Open Culture Spa”. In the years 2011-2014 the BSCC coordinated a part of the Art Line project a collaboration of 14 partners from around the Baltic. In 2015 we carried out the project “The Baltic House LAB 2015: a City Closer to Water” in which we combined contemporary art with vital ecological and social issues. Another project, Shared History (2016-2018), brought together newly arrived and established artists across the Baltic Sea region, a sea of (dis)-connections. We are currently involved in the Creative Europe’s “Memory of Water Project”, while our active participation in the Culturability BSR project (Culture for Sustainable development in BSR, 2013 – 2015), resulted in our partnership in the ongoing UrbCulturalPlanning. 

The BSCC emphasizes a lot the importance of the heritage preservation. This interest is well motivated: the Centre’s both seats are historic monuments. The first is the 16th century Old Town Hall, which is one of the few Renaissance buildings that have survived the war damage in Gdansk. Our second venue, Gothic St. John's church, has been reconstructed with our help and now accommodates St. John's Centre vibrant with various art activities.