Levadia Municipality

Levadia, Greece
Public Organisation

The Municipality of Livadeia (Levadia) is middle sized Greek public organisation employing about 250 people. It is also an active member of the  River Cities network.

Livadeia (Levadia) has a rich cultural heritage which dates from the ancient times.  Every year, starting from 1985, The Municipality of Livadeia (Levadia) organizes the Trophonia Festival, a major cultural event, including theater, music, dance, painting & photography exhibitions.

The epicentre of many public activities in the city is the River Herkyna, which flows through the city and was the driving force behind the industrial development of the town. The area of the rivers' springs, is a natural park situated at the exit from a canyon. It is filled with rich vegetation, small waterfalls, arched-bridges and an open air theatre. Traces of the glorious past such as the ancient Trofonios oracle and the medieval castle are still evident.

The Municipality of Livadeia (Levadia) is making serious efforts to revitalise the river and to transform it into a focal point for culture, tourism and commerce. Ancient ruins and historically important industrial buildings are being restored. The Watermill has been turned into a cultural centre and old industrial heritage buildings now host museums, galleries, a conference centre. Small shops are attracting the attention of tourists and artists.

Proposals for sustainable urban growth, the establishment of an open trade centre coupled with further restoration of both historical and industrial buildings, have been submitted to the E.U. for financing.

The Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Municipality of Livadeia (Levadia) is responsible for the implementation of actions aiming to preserve popular culture and local customs. There is a commitment to support the work of emerging artists, athletes and organisations. This is being delivered through the cultural education of citizens, the establishment of multiple cultural and sports events and the provision of the necessary logistical infrastructure.