Stockholm, Sweden

Intercult is an independent NGO based in Stockholm, Sweden. Operating since 1996, Intercult initiates and leads collaborative culture projects and networks. We believe that culture is a crucial democratic tool for the healthy, democratic development of our cities and societies but also as a tool provoking cross-disciplinary discussions, engaging different stakeholders – artists, culture organisations, city authorities, business sector and citizens.

The main objective of Intercult is to connect local and international initiatives; across disciplines and in multiple partnerships. Intercult shares own experience through seminars, conferences, lectures and mentorship targeting mainly managers at culture organisations in Sweden through the Access Europa platform and Europe Direct Information Office targeting general public.

With 30 projects in-house since 1996 we have direct experiences of managing international collaborations. From our home base on the south side of Stockholm, we interact as a project-based platform, engaging with others on cultural policy development. We are accessible: we do and share.