Impact Foundation

Warsaw, Poland Foundation

Since 2011, the Impact Foundation promotes the audience development concept in Poland organising conferences, workshops and individually working with art organisations and institutions in Poland. We have published 2 books in Polish about audience development concept and tools including good practices from Polish organisations. Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage financially supports our activities disseminating audience development within Polish culture sector since 2011. Between 2011-2016, the Impact Foundation worked with over 400 Polish institutions and organisations fostering audience development processes.

Before, the Impact Foundation organised artistic events from various forms of art in Warsaw, Poland and river was one of our main interests and concerns - we wanted to reintroduce the river to the city of Warsaw. Our aim was to bring tourists and the local community to the river banks and awaken their interest for cultural events held in abandoned public spaces. Animating those spaces made them attractive to institutions which are responsible for planning and social policies. Our mission was to organise a series of cultural events on both banks of the river; to develop in Warsaw the understanding and strengthening of the inter-relations between art and society; to explore new values, link international with local, and encourage changes in city policies and planning. Ecology was also important to us – prevention of degradation of Vistula River and its banks and natural environment is one of our main concerns, which we would like to draw attention to. In 2009 we were an official organiser of a 1st edition of a 4 month project called ‘Art Festival by the Vistula River – TRANSFORMATIONS’ From the beginning of June 2010 we have been in a process of organising another river festival called ‘Subject: River’. The main objective of this festival was to initiate local ecological initiatives and promotional pro river campaign, organised by the local communities itself. We can proudly say that our work paid off and Vistula river is now a popular public space in Warsaw.