Cluj Cultural Centre (CCC)

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Cluj Cultural Centre (CCC) is a non-governmental, non-political and independent association that develops projects with a positive cultural, social and urban development impact in the city of Cluj-Napoca, the county of Cluj and the region of Transylvania.
The members of CCC are 60 local universities, cultural institutions and organisations, local and regional administration and various social, educational and economic organisations.

CCC has four main objectives:

  •      To develop Cluj-Napoca as a leading European city in arts and culture;
  •      To engage the communities of the city in a common life-changing project,
  •      To make culture work for the establishment of a strong creative economy;
  •      To create and implement cultural policies and programmes for urban development.

Our cultural programme is structured along three thematic strands, corresponding to our first three objectives:

  •     Culture Inspires;
  •     Culture Connects;
  •     Culture Works.