‘‘Ostend at Anchor’’ Festival, 23-26 May 2019

Ostend at Anchoris a big maritime event which each year attracts hundreds of sailors of classic sailing vessels; the event also offers entertainment and performances around the city and along the docs.

It is a must see event for those who are interested in sailing and maritime history, more than 130 ships will be moored at Ostend: from three- masters to inland barges and steamboats to the smallest clincker-built longboats.

There will be a chance to learn more about old maritime crafts, to try some freshly baked or smoked fish, enjoy the music  (more than 100 performances on one of the two stages) - metal, blues, 

reggae, folk and shanty and street performances, or to take a ride on a boat.


There is also going to be present a Wetwheels, the organisers made sure that the whole festival is accessible to everyone!


Wetwheels builds the confidence of the disabled participants by providing the opportunity to access the sea in a fun, safe, stimulating and rewarding way using specially modified, fully accessible powerboats.


You can read more about this organisation here >>>.


During the festival's 20th edition it will be possible to see a prestigious exhibition The Mercator: "Perl in Ostend" (exhibition will be available to see between 25May - December 2019) on Mercator ship, presenting the story of the expedition to “Rapa Nur” (Easter Island).


Read more about the expedition here >>>.

For full programme follow the Festival's website and FB page.

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