“Look!” - is Iwona Zając newest project in Govan

"Look!" is Iwona Zając project, overseen remotely and delivered with much love (down to travel constrains) by Beatrice Searle, Hamish Rhodes and Ines Cavaco at the Govan Graving Docks in Scotland. Her artistic project is part of the Remote Production Residency coordinated by Fablevision in Memory of Water project.

Iwona Zając is also a Changemaker for  R//C Platform Foundation in I_Improve EU project, as she inspired us with creative use of stories in her art works. Read more.

Over the last few months, a series of public art projects has been happening across Govan, Glasgow, as part of Fablevision’s role in Memory of Water. The 6 productions has been designed by artists in Scotland and in Europe remotely. The projects are going to  include a music production, mural painting, printed work, stencilling, performance, and filming.

In preparation all artists spent a full week in September 2019 immersing themselves in the culture, history and realities of Govan, including meeting with dozens of local people, community organisations, activists and local artists. 

The Memory of Water artists have been developing their individual responses to the constraints brought on by Covid-19, Iwona Zając has proposed local delivery in Govan as follows:

Iwona Zajac has been working with heritage archives and former shipyard workers from Govan. She  painted shipyard workers’ memorable sentences on a structure at the historic Govan Dry Docks which is now visible to the public. Iwona cooperated with a local printing press, as the font used had to be the most appropriate historically to that time and space. She also worked with a Polish typography artist, Eugenia Tynna, to draw and cut stencils that were sent to Govan, and painted by a local artist. This is related to Iwona’s work entitled “Shipyard” from 2004. For 16 years Iwona used to have a studio in the post shipyard area in Poland, which allowed her to collect the knowledge of problems of this kind of workplace. Stocznia w Eterze.

To find out more about Iwona Zając work and in depth  background of her project in Govan read the article and the interview with the artist written by another Polish Artist - Iwona Wołodźko. We highly recommend it!

You can follow all Memory of Water artistic projects on their FB page.

Main Image" by Amish Rhodes

‘‘Look’’ by Iwona Zając for Govan

Look!" is Iwona Zając project, coordinated by Fablevision Scotland, within Memory of Water EU project. Images by Hamish Rhodes.

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