A Story-Walk Event in Gdansk, 13.06.2021

The River // Cities Platform Foundation, based in Gdańsk, created an outdoor educational event (E11) with activists and community leaders from the Tri-City (Trójmiasto) area in mind (passionate people working for their local communities, i.e.: the neighbourhoods, schools, NGOs).

R//C invited the activists to participate in the event which combined attaining new competences with a walk - in a beautiful natural surroundings of Orunia area and Radunia Canal (Gdańsk).

Radunia Canal takes its origin from a Lake Stężyckie and falls into Motława River in Gdańsk. It is a historical Canal structured in 1338 by a Teutonic Knights to provide water and power to operate a Great Mill in Gdansk.

This urban landscape Story Walk - was combined with the chance of learning/improving storytelling skills.

During this urban walk, participants had a chance to learn (in a practical and interesting form) to tell stories (about issues that matter) that spark the interest of the audiences and keep them engaged. The learning was based on examples of several stories told by our guide - about people connected to places, which were visited along the trail.

Subjects covered:

  1.  How to create a good story? To begin with – MAKE ME CARE
  2.  The subjects/themes of the story, what sparks the story, sparks from which the story begins
  3.  Hero faces the dilemma
  4. Narrative Structure
  5. Presenting Stories – Triangle of Tales
  6. Hero's Journey - an age-old scheme of stories
  7. Types of Stories
  8. Emotions
  9. Language – specifics, colours, comparisons
  10. Finally - how to tell the story better

The event took place in Gdansk on Sunday, 13/06/2021.

This was part one of the STORY WORK dissemination event (E 11) during which R//C shared its methodology (developed in the project) with local policy makers, cultural activists and community leaders. Part two of this event will take place in July in the form of the presentation and discussion meeting with the staff of the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdansk.

Link to the original FB Event/invitation.

Attached PDF document (both Polish and English version) is outlining Story Work adapted by River//Cities  presentation/methodology, based on materials developed by:

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Gallery: Gdansk Story Walk (I_Improve Project), June 2021