White Factory photo M. Kawczynski


Łódź has the biggest municipal forest in Europe, and there are 18 rivers in Łódź, although they seem invisible.  Restoration of water and green spaces which is now in progress is a multi-dimensional project: scientific, cultural, social and economic. One of the best examples are the activities undertaken in the Księży Młyn district, where the restoration of the Jasień river, which in the past was the catalyst and the driving force behind the Shceibler-Grohmann textile empire, is already becoming inspiration and catalyst for artists and a driving force for the creative district. It is also a fantastic example which shows how water can be used to draw attention to the city's heritage. This multi-level and multidimensional approach to the hidden rivers as well as research carried out also under the auspices of UNESCO, have given Łódź an important place in the centre of the European debate. The concept, management and application tool called Eco-hydrology was developed here at the Regional European Centre, now attracting students and practitioners from all over the world.