Rivers of change Connecting - Learning - Creating

This project was focus on the theme of culture in social and educational context.  The objective was that all Partners learn from each other to improve the quality of our everyday work which automatically reflects on the groups/communities they work with on everyday basis. The aim was to combine different experiences to find out the best solutions, converting the disadvantage areas by the rivers to vibrant, public places in our cities. The project’s aim was to establish new fruitful partnerships between several European organisations sharing the interest in river areas and culture as an educational tool.

Partners in the project:
Federation of Independent Filmmakers and STEP-Association for Education and Progress - Warsaw, Poland
Danube Island Festival - Vienna, Austria
EGEAC-Management of Facilities and Cultural Animation Enterprise - Lisbon, Portugal
Temple Bar Cultural Trust - Dublin, Ireland
Cities on Water - Venice, Italy

Supporting partners:
The Thames Mayor Festival - London, UK
Drugo-More Rieka, Croatia
Skopije Festival, Macedonia

The Grundtvig sectorial programme responded to the education and learning needs of individuals involved in every form of adult education.