Every Child is an Artist!  First BenchMarking Colors of Love Workshop for children.

On Thursday, August 26th, the first BenchMarking Colors of Love Workshop for children only took place. Our Viennese partners, under the guidance and coordination of changemaker Karl Kilian and project manager Bernd Herger, organized for the first time - a workshop for children .
The same methods were used in the children's workshop as in the adults one. WBA Viener asked children to design a bench in public space and to give it their favorite colors. While painting, conversations arise about the colors, the memories that are tied to them and why the bank is designed this way.

One of the goals of the BenchMarking workshops is to bring out the creativity and creativity of people and to encourage the participants to use this creativity in a positive way in their living environment. Children are very often creative, but most of the time the multitude of their works are not valued as much as they should be. If things go well, the pictures end up on the grandparents' fridge. But this time theworkshop took place in the Wildganshof in Vienna's Landstrasse district. The bond with the bank that you designed yourself creates a bond with the place and the stories and experiences told while painting are manifested in the bank. The bank thus becomes a witness to one's own work.

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