What is it About?

 I_Improve is a process-focused project and uses an informal education approach to turn the partners' daily working environments into spaces for learning and organisational growth. By working closely with inspirational and innovative creative practitioners, each partner explores new ways of developing actions along our European waterfronts. Through the key ideas of observation, dialogue, reflection and experimentation, these selected 'change makers’ become a resource from which our organisations and staff members can gain new competences in their working lives. 

The use of a variety of digital transmedia sources to share content is a part of staff members learning activities and an example of lifelong learning practices. We use multiple online platforms to exchange learning insights, spread perspectives on the ‘how’ and ‘why’ behind cultural interventions on European waterfronts as well as promote new approaches to organisational learning within the cultural sector. Hence, reflections and experiences of staff members in a digital environment as a tool for learning take an important place on the educational platform of I improve.  

Informal learning with a self-directed twist

I_Improve's informal educator reflects on applying a self-directed approach as a way to document and direct learning experiences in the project. She also shares a basic framework to try out.

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Experimenting with digital content creation

Read about how digital skills played into the I_Improve project, and get some tips and resources as to how you can do the same!

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Some thoughts on informal learning

Informal learning is the basis on which the I_Improve project stands on. It is a individual process, and here are some thoughts on it.

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Informal learning…Or, the path to ‘finding things out’

I_improve's informal educator shares her thoughts on informal learning, and what I_Improve is all about. She also lists reading material for those who'd like to explore the subject more.

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