Baltic Sea Youth Camp, Gdansk 08-11 June 2019

''We can all agree that the youth are the decision makers of tomorrow. Therefore, engaging youth in questions about tomorrow is crucial to foster a sense of responsibility, belonging and Unity”.

Despite of this, youths seem to be low on the agenda in the Baltic Sea Region. Youth voter participation is low in many countries and several countries lack tools, institutions and funding for youth politicians. 

This is why, the Baltic Sea States Subregional Co-operation together with the Union of Baltic Cities, the Euroregion Balticand the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdansk, with support of PA Culture, started an initiative for increasing youth participation in the Baltic Sea Region by inviting youth to an inspiring Baltic Sea Region Youth Camp 2019''.

Baltic Sea Region Youth Camp 2019 is a 3-day event when youth representatives from the Baltic Sea Region gather to explore friendship, culture and politics through various workshops, small seminars and social activities.

They are invited to explore cultural identity and friendships; encouraged to raise their voice and learn how to influence politics; share the viewpoints on cultural and political topics; to meet politicians and stakeholders; join in several interesting workshops on art, technology, human rights, ecology, sustainability, and heritage; to enjoy excursions, sport and music.

The Youth Camp is open to all youth within the age group 18-29 years, and the participants must be from one of the 11 countries in the Baltic Sea Region or from the Iceland. The Youth Camp will take place on the Wyspa Sobieszewska, the island, right outside the city of Gdansk, Poland. You can read more about the idea of the Baltic Sea Youth Camp on their website.

Full Programme, follow the Link.

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