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Projects in action: Ostende de Stad Aan Zee

The Forgotten orchestra: reflection by our colleague Hans
How did the library staff experience the project of The Forgotten Orchestra? What obstacles did they face? How did it feel to step out of their comfort zone? our colleague Hans reflects on his participation. see more
“Drijfgoud” or “Drift Gold”
A worthy sequel to “The Forgotten Orchestra” see more
Elderly needs assessment in Ostend
The city of Ostend has an elderly population. 36% of the inhabitants are older than 60. How can we promote the participation of the elderly in local policies? An elderly needs assessment was developed to explore the needs of these increasing elderly group. see more
Personal reflection of colleague Jasmijn on the I improve learning week in Stockholm
When I started my job at the library in May 2019, the dementia project had already kicked off. And even though I wasn't involved at that moment, I loved to hear from my colleagues Matthias, Isabelle, Stan and Hans how the sessions were going. This valuable project, which later got the name Forgotten Orchestra, was a perfect example of how a public service and the library could contribute to an inclusive town. see more
Resultsharing with policymakers
On november 26th 2020 the Ostend Library organised their E8 activity for decision makers. see more
Coco can do it!
Digital reading session for our youngest audience. see more
Reflection and evaluation of Corona challenge 3: Small fish everywhere
The “Small Fish Everywhere” team evaluated their project with our changemaker Hilde De Brandt, using a questionnary and an interview. Our changemaker focused on the personal growth of each team member. see more
Corona challenge 3: Small Fish Everywhere
Experimenting towards digital audience involvement see more
The Forgotten Orchestra: how, why, what and who? A video reflection
A past-present-future presentation of our changemaking process in the library of Ostend, our learning journey and our project "The forgotten orchestra". see more
Corona challenge 2: exploring and improving digital meeting skills
Because of the Corona virus the Library of Ostend had to change its daily way of working completely. see more
Corona challenge 1: keep our team connected through new digital tools
During the past months our professional and personal lives have been turned upside down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. see more