TM 1 kick off meeting 27_29_09_2018 in Stockholm

TM 1 Stockholm kick off ▪ Presentation of the project objectives and general work plan. ▪ Analyse the Intellectual Outputs to be produced and decide the best option to develop them. ▪ Think and collect ideas for the most accurate and efficient to develop project activities, especially project dissemination. ▪ Build consensus and jointly make decisions on the detailed activities to be implemented. ▪ Assignment of responsibilities and deadlines for implementing the different project activities and developing the different IOs – in particular IO1 activities and Partners’ responsibilities. ▪ Team building for a proper collaboration relationship as well as outlining the communication and cooperation formats. ▪ Analyse the terms of contracts signed between INTERCULT and the different partners. ▪ Explain the rules on financial and activity reports of the Erasmus+ programme and the specificities established by the Swedish National Agency. ▪ Solve any doubt regarding the project’s administrative and/or financial matters. ▪ Agree on collaboration and communication tools to be used as well as the date for the next coordination meeting.