ARS BALTICA Creative Dialogue (ABCD) for Baltic Sea Region coun­tries.

The purpose of the platform is to enable cultural practitioners and influencers from all Baltic Sea Region coun­tries  to exchange ideas and their innovations, collaborate with each other, discuss shared issues, and challenges on both local and international levels.
Part of the platform's programme are Audience Development workshops conducted in each visited city, created and delivered by Impact Audience (Impact Foundation) a River//Cities' partner.
ABCD schedule for this year is as follow:
01 October > Baltic Sea Cultural Centre > Gdansk/Poland
02 October > Nordic Council of Ministers > Riga/Latvia 
03 October > VabaLava > Tallinn/Estonia 08 October > CBSS Secretariat > Stockholm/Sweden
09 October > Public Library > Pori/Finland
24 October > Godsbanen > Aarhus/Denmark
26 October > Heinrich Böll Foundation > Kiel/Germany
07 November > Kaunas Artists' House > Kaunas/Lithuania

ARS Baltica is a leading partner of the platform, other partners are listed below:
·      Union of Baltic Cities Cultural Cities Commission (Pori, Finland)
·      Baltic Sea Cultural Centre (Gdansk, Poland)
·      Performing Arts Platform (Aarhus, Denmark)
·      RIXC Center for New Media Culture (Riga, Latvia)
·      Vabalava Theatre (Tallinn, Estonia)
·      Territorium Film (Kaliningrad, Russia)

To find out more about the project follow the link: Ars Baltica.