What is the Future of Waterfront Heritage Zones in Post Industrial Cities in Europe - webinar

Since 2017, the six European cities of Govan, Gdansk, Levadia, Limerick, Ostend and Stockholm have collaborated on an artist led exploration of what's next for waterfront industrial heritage in the context of community development. To support the project partners in their deliberations, three of the big cultural thinkers will join the conversation during this webinar.

Franco Bianchini will explore the myths and reality of what regeneration is doing to waterfront areas. Lia Ghilardi asks questions around place-making: what distinguishes the unique 'DNA' of a place and how can we build on that for the future? François Matarasso will focus on the five capabilities at the heart of the 2020 Rome Charter, without which the right to participate in the cultural life of the community cannot be exercised.

Webinar is facilitated by Liz Gardiner (Fablevision Scotland) and Iwona Preis (Intercult Sweden), with comments from Professor Katarzyna Kosmala, Agnieszka Wołodzko and Roman Sebastyanski (Poland).

Memory of Water (2018–2020) is an artist-led project exploring post-industrial waterfront heritage in the context of community development and urban planning. The participating partners from six countries will collaborate on a programme including four City Labs, six international residencies, and a filmed documentary. The partners are Intercult in Sweden, Stad Ostend in Belgium, the Municipality of Levadia in Greece, Nadbaltyckie Centrum Kultury in Poland, Fablevision in Scotland, and Ormston House in Ireland.

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