The CityWalk project and the Danube Transnational Programme won RegioStars Awards 2019.

Every year, the European Commission awards those EU-funded projects, which demonstrate excellence and new approaches in regional development. With the goal to inspire other regions and project managers across Europe, participating projects are in the spotlight of communication activities at European level. The REGIOSTARS are awarded to projects in five thematic categories (smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, urban development and a topic of the year).

In 2019, the REGIOSTARS were focused on five areas that are crucial for the future of EU regional policy:

  • promoting digital transformation
  • connecting the green, blue and grey
  • combatting inequalities and poverty
  • building climate-resilient cities
  • modernising health services

The project included 17 partners from nine countries – Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia. Municipalities, development agencies, research organisations and chambers of commerce from across the Danube region are sharing common practices and methodologies to help cities develop efficient, people-friendly urban transport systems that prioritise walking over motorised transport.

CityWalk was selected as finalist among 199 applications and it won on the Public Choice category over the 24 projects finalists from other EU programmes.

CityWalk project helps cities in the Danube Region to reduce emissions, noise and to become safer, better places to live, by increasing the role of more sustainable forms of mobility in the urban transport mix. Even though the emphasis is on walking, the project addresses the challenge with a holistic approach – improving urban mobility through efficiently combining various means of transport.

Read more about CityWalk project.

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