River Cities Platform Foundation creates new organisational narrative.


''We are all single water drops, which are not very forceful by themselves, but when gathered together they form little creeks which flow into bigger rivers with strong currents powerful enough to generate positive energy.

All water drops in a river work together and learn from each other. If there is an obstacle like a rock - we flow around it and follow the water drops in front of us.

Through River/ /Cities Platform Foundation we would like to share ideas, learn from each other and work together to create cultural activities for the better life of people and nature on waterfronts across Europe.

We would like to make a change not only in our neighbourhoods but also in our cities, countries and on a global scale.''

To read about the whole activity and the exercise which lead us to write this organisational narrative - follow the link to I_Improve EU project page.

Main photo by Krzysztof Olechnowicz (BSCC archives)



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