Memory of Water Project 2018-2020, November 2018 meeting in Ostend.

The main expert workshop / City Lab on co-creation methodology was about bringing people together in the neighbourhoods of Ostend. It presented the story on implementation of participatory social and artistic interventions within the city.
Staff members of various local institutions and artist took part in the presentations, the site visit and the meetings.
The arranged site visit took everyone by boat to the East Bank of the Ostend, a maritime area which is under a great threat of gentrification.
You can read about what's happening on the East Bank on the link here.
This first meeting of the project Group had a good vibe: artists and staff agreed on the common methodology and agenda, in an amiable atmosphere. - Martine Meire (City of Ostend).
The ongoing question throughout the project is what's next for post-industrial waterfront heritage zones?
R//C Platform members, taking part in this project are: Intercult Sweden, Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdansk, Poland, City of Ostend, Belgium.
Project is funded by Creative Europe.
It is about the strong links between art and heritage in post-industrial maritime sites.
Images curtesy of Project Members

November 2018 meeting in Ostend

Memory of Water Project 2018-2020

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