Memory of Water EU Gdańsk Film

Long awaited film by artist working within Memory of Water EU Creative Europe project - Jonas Myrstrand about project artists' creative work in the City of Gdansk in June and October 2019.

The film presents the complex process in which art interventions had been developed: collaborating artist's research on their work area - post-Gdansk Shipyard, their interactions with each other, as well as with retired shipyard workers (Ms Ula Sciubeł and legendary Lech Wałęsa), local activists, cultural operators and artists.

Finally the film shows the outputs of all those activities: the art interventions blended into post-shipyard space. Jonas Myrstrand's film (an art intervention in itself) in an imaginative way captures the atmosphere of those intensive days  spent in Gdansk. It also pays tribute to the unique place, the Muse and the inspiration of our project: Gdansk Shipyard.

MoW Gdansk Film

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