Memory of Water artists residency in Levadia - outcome

They worked with citizens, community groups, politicians, urban planners and other stakeholders in order to create inclusive events and artistic interventions to inform future planning and regeneration policies around tangible and intangible heritage.

Below you can find out about  few major projects which took place in Levadia, among them projects by Iwona Zając (Poland), Jonas Myrstand (Sweden), Segfried Vynck (Belgium), Mary Conroy (Ireland), Mary Michou (Greece).

You can read about all of Memory of Water project artists Here.

"Sun in Empty Room" by Iwona Zając.

The Polish artist Iwona Zajac made mural paintings. Iwona discovered an empty house by the River Erkyna on St. Stratigou Ioannou which inspired her to find out about the Levadian family that once lived there.
"In contrast to Edward Hopper’s homonym painting, where the sun enters the room of an empty house as a ‘vanquisher’, in Iwona Zajac's work, it enters the empty room of a ramshackle house and the light recomposes the shattered memory of the people who once lived there. The mural depicts the portraits of Zoza and her father, Loukas, with respect, love and discretion. They return the gaze of onlookers across the River Erkynas. The bond created is one that crosses time to link people, river and place in a reification of memory.
“The work is a moment that encloses the whole of time; the movement; the faith in people; and their vivid remembrance. It is a modern monument to the Papanikolaou family and for all the residents of the riverside neighbourhood – past and present. It crystallises, too, the essence of “The Memory of Water”project. It is a further encouragement, a motivation to search, find and re-establish the continuum of the people who lived, laboured, have passed through joys and sorrows there. It also gives a public voice in art to those who lacked one in life.
“The portraits of Zoza and Loukas in their home can only be glimpsed at one point along the river bank. It is an intentional choice intended to imply the privacy and embrace of the family home. The composition is only complete when the viewer catches a glance of the portraits from the riverside path.
“Iwona Zajac's work is an exemplary conflation of ethics with aesthetics. She honours the people who inspired her and at the same time she provides us with strong feelings and intense sensations, along with rich stimuli for thought."
Review by Vassias Tsokopoulos (historian)
Read about Iwona's beautiful story behind her artwork and see the results of her work Here.

An Artistic Documentary film by Jonas Myrstand from Studio Jox.

During the week in Levadia, Jonas was documenting and filming the process, actions and interactions of all the artists to trace the learning process and impacts of Memory of Water in all the partner cities. An artistic documentary film will be produced bringing together the shared experiences of the artists, their collaborators and participants.

Jonas Myrstrand have been working with memories of Gothenburg as a shipyard and has produced several web-apps and VR on cultural heritage. His dream is to create a virtual museum of animated memories, a Virtual Reality Shipyard museum in Lindholmen, Gothenburg.

You can read more about Jonas' projects and see some of his productions Here.

The Erkyna Myth by Segfried Vynck

This Belgian artist representing our partner City of Ostend, sketched and painted a large-scale mural of the Erkyna Myth - the nymph of a spring in Levadia, with added  contemporary twist.

During his residency, Segfried also reconnected with local graffiti crews to share his skills and techniques.
The Erkyna myth tells a story of a girl named Erkyna who came to play in Levadia with her friend Persephone. One day they had brought a goose with them and as they played, they saw the goose running away and suddenly the goose fell into a hole. Erkyna ran after the goose to catch her. As she couldn’t reach the goose, she lifted a large stone. The moment she lifted the stone, water started running from under it. The water kept running more  and more until it became a whole river. Unfortunately, the river 'swallowed' both the goose and the little girl - Erkyna.
Today, the River Erkyna runs continuously through the city of Levadia. Siegfried Vyncks mural will become a permanent feature of Memory of Water, an enduring trail of Europe in the small town of Levadia.
You can see the photos documenting Siegfried's work in progress Here.
Discover more of Siegfried's work on his Instagram: Vynck1

Artistic Actions on the River Erkyna by Mary Conroy and Mary Michou.

Mary Conroy is the Irish artist representing Ormston House from Ireland. Mary together with a Greek agronomist and  photographer Mary Michou prepared  a workshop, inviting inhabitants of Levadia to common exploration and creation. During their first visit to Levadia, they were inspired by the citizens from EPAPSYE and EKEPSYE who described the healing power of the river and the importance of connecting with nature. During the workshop they reconnected with invited groups during a guided walk along the riverbank to gather organic materials for hands-on eco-printing.

At the later stage there was a possibility to learn  about local and indigenous flora while co-creating a collective artwork as a gift to the city. The outcome of the workshop, the collective artwork – revealing the colours, impressions and patterns of Erkyna’s Garden was presented  in the exhibition hall in Neromylos.

See more of Mary's work on her Instagram: maryconroyartist

Read more on Levadia artists Residency on Intercult Se page.


Memory of Water artists residency in Levadia - outcome

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