Icaade2019 - Shifting the Boundaries, Warsaw, Poland 13-16th October 2019.

Conference's Topics: Amphibious Anthropocene, Systems and Climate Change Resilience, People and Communities, Technology and Construction, Heritage and Time Scales, Markets and Regulations.

What's an amphibious architecture?

'Amphibious architecture refers to an alternative flood mitigation strategy that allows an otherwise ordinary structure to float on the surface of rising floodwater rather than succumb to inundation. An amphibious foundation retains the building’s connection to the ground by resting firmly on the earth under usual circumstances, yet it allows the building to float as high as necessary when flooding occurs...'

Some of the Icaade Aims:

'-to bring together practitioners, researchers, authorities, students, NGO’s, communities and investors in the exchange of knowledge and practice on amphibious issues...          

-to overcome the land-water-dichotomy by providing space and time for discussions on the various paths of practice, experience and knowledge...                                                         

-it is crucial to integrate natural, technological and human interactions for a more sustainable stewardship.'

To learn more about Icaade and it's aims follow their site.

ICAADE Conference's Programme.

ICAADE 2019 FB Page

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