Get to know water. Addressing the Global Crisis.

In collaboration with SDG Academy, Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) has introduced a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to help prepare future leaders to sustainably manage water related issues.

Course will start 7 October and will be available for a year onwards.

You can Enrol here.

Message from Stockholm International Water Institute:

"We are living in a water stressed world. It is a global crisis and therefore we must act now! What can we do to save the planet and ensure availability of water for all by 2030?
Education and awareness provide the building blocks for sustainable change. We want as many people as possible to develop their knowledge regarding water. That is why this course is FREE and can be completed at your own pace during the coming 12 months.
Don't work with water? We beg to differ: water is the blue thread connecting everything. SIWI and the United Nations SDG Academy have joined forces to create this open course "Water: addressing the global crisis", covering the latest water trends.
The course brings you some of the world’s leading experts and practitioners and is aimed at everyone from development professionals and private sector actors to water activists and students."

Throughout the course each participant will gain a better understanding of how water influences lives and livelihoods.  You will also learn how your own actions can contribute to a more water wise world.

What you'll learn:

  • The scale, scope, and challenges in achieving the SDG 6, safe access to water for all.
  • The issues of climate change and its influence on water.
  • Water and sanitation for health, the food, energy and water nexus.
  • The environmental, economic and social dimensions of SDG 6 and the critical role of water governance.
  • The transboundary cooperation needed to achieve the goal on water.
  • Lessons from concrete practices around the world through a series of case studies.

Stockholm International Water Institute FB Page.

Stockholm International Institute web page.

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