29 January - 2 February, Memory of Water project 2nd phase meeting in Levadia, Greece.

First City Lab and partner meeting took place at the end of November in Ostend, Belgium, where partners discussed objectives and strategies, and presentations from artists and planners were given. Partners from Sweden, Scotland, Poland, Belgium and Ireland will be hosted by their Greek counterparts, together they will exchange and generate creative approaches to post-industrial waterfront sites.

There will be an intensive, programme of plentiful presentations, discussions, site visits, workshops and interactions with various institutions and local authorities.
At the same time project's artists will undertake a first research residency organised by Rafika Chawishe, Lambros Skarlas, Andreas Stamatakis and Vassias Tsokopoulos, and hosted by the Mayor and Municipality of Levadia.
Rafika Chawishe, is the lead Memory of Water artist for Greece.
The aim of all the exchanges, meetings and presentation is to enable Memory of Water artists, organisers and project partners to develop and support plans and strategies for waterside cultures and environments.
Some of the highlights of the Levadia residency are as follow:

  • Presentations by local interest groups and communities including the Refugee Program of Relocation, and the LEVADRO local activist group.
  • A ‘discovering the river’ event with geographer and biologist Dr. Stamatis Zoggaris.
  • A presentation by historian Tsokopoulos on ‘Industrialisation of Levadia’, and a discussion about the industry as an element of European history, as well as trade, exchange and transport.
  • A workshop led by local artists will look at narratives on the position of women in Greek cities, and a performance will explore traditional myths of River Erkina.
  • Dimitris Danias, president of Viotia livestock farming, will lead a visit to a local farm with Dimitris Zanias. This will be followed by a presentation on indigenous and rare flora and fauna.
  • Mayor Poulou will look at the city’s and river’s regeneration process as well as public policy, with municipal architects and urban planners.
  • A ‘Walkabout’ event, visiting abandoned buildings and sites with LEVADRO activists and the street art community.

Project Partners:
Intercult, Sweden
City of Ostend, Belgium
Municipality of Levadia, Greece
Baltic Sea Cultural Centre, Poland
Fablevision, United Kingdom

Memory of Water project is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union

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