Colours of Love Benchmarking, workshop by Wiener Bildung

Colours make our life colourful, colours remind us of certain situations in life, colours make the difference in a varied everyday life!

What do colours do to individuals and how can we learn from dealing with them and how can we change ourselves and our surroundings. In the course of the I_Improve project, a unique process had been started that puts participation and inclusion in the foreground.

In the second workshop together with the artist Karl Kilian, Wiener Bildung (R//C Platform partner) creates a small works of art for everyday life together with the neighbours, artists and anyone interested. They talk about their favourite color and use it on site by redesigning the benches along the Danube Canal, and other places in Vienna.

''Benchmarking – Colors of Love'' event tries to improve the quality of life on the communal level through artistic accents. The project directly affects people’s living environment, integrates them and a variety of colours creates a lively design to the immediate surroundings.

The artist, curator and a teacher - Karl Killian will lead the workshop and and will help to shape the creation process. In his opinion, “art for everyone” is given in this project, because the colourful park benches are there FOR EVERYONE!

Check out this and other connected event's details on I_Improve FB page.

Here You can watch a video from the first Benchmarking event!

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