Baltic Sea Cultural Center (NCK), Gdansk is taking part in a project that is making our neighbourhoods better for living!

Baltic Sea Cultural Center's (River//Cities Platform Member) role in the project is to organise workshops and other activities with the use of Minecraft, as well as other games. They are also responsible for coordinating the international residency and study visit program and for creating final strategic documents. In Gdansk, they focus on the revitalisation process of the Old Suburbs (Stare Przedmieście) and the area of New Port.

The idea behind the project is to use culture and creativity to make living better in the neighbourhoods in cities or in rural areas in the Baltic Sea Region. The main objective of the Urban Cultural Planning project is to advance the capacity of public authorities in the Baltic Sea Region (BSR), local NGOs and associations to collaborate on citizen driven cultural planning. The project is a cross border partnership of 14 Project Partners and 36 Associated Organizations in 8 different countries.

Urban Cultural Planning will collect the methods of cultural planning in a toolkit and provide mentoring on the use of it. They will organize 10 Urban Labs to adapt cultural planning methods for wider use in the BSR, including topics of cultural mapping, cultural visioning, stimulating local social innovation etc.

12 BSR Demonstrator projects in the neighbourhoods of cities and towns will address challenges such as shrinking cities, social inclusion, gentrification, lack of community life and others.

Residencies for artists will be organized to have a fresh view on the potentials of the neighbourhoods and games will be used to involve children and young people to empower their creativity in finding the best solutions for local challenges as well as finding new opportunities.

3 conferences will be organised to bring together cultural planning practitioners with policy makers and stakeholders, regional and city planners, culture departments, NGOs, businesses and media. Conferences:  Kiel (4 – 7 July, 2019), Gdansk (2020) and Riga (2021).

#UrbCulturalPlanning project is funded by the Interreg Baltic Sea Region (BSR) programme. It is a BSR flagship project running from January 2019 to June 2021 with the total funding of 2.528.385 euros.

Baltic Sea Cultural Center (NCK) website

UrbCulturalPlanning website

To be up to date with all Urb Cultural Planning Activities follow their FB page

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