Ars Baltica Creative Dialog - Empowering October 2019 workshops.

On the 24th of October ABCDE will host a workshop in Malmö at Media Evolution on the topics of community building in challenging times and culture as a driving force for sustainability.

During the workshop participants will be able to discuss topics such as:

Community building in challenging times

Community building is about trashing the comfort of playing with your peers and selling only your successes. In an age where transformation is the name, but status quo is often the game, there is a strong need to improve the impact of common action. What does the map of your actions look like, and how do you bring others in there with you? Build a community that surprises you, challenges you, and carries you further.

Culture as a driving force for Sustainability

In the Baltic 2030 SDG Report, 7 avenues are drawn for the region to improve its sustainable impact. At least three of these depend highly on cultural interventions. Common understanding, collaboration, motivating youth. But maybe the real challenge for culture is to take the goals and become more than human, more than culture, more than good enough. Culture is where ‘the goals’ can finally feel real.

 On the 29th of October ABCDE will host another workshop - in Helsinki at Goethe Institute covering the same subjects as above.                            

"The Baltic Sea Region is home to a large number of diverse, exciting and challenging cultural and creative initiatives. They are diverse in the sense, that they reflect our modern, international and culturally manifold societies. Exciting in terms of the potential to engage participants, to fascinate them with interesting new perspectives and challenging in the sense, that they constantly want to move forward, challenge established value systems and make progress towards a more equal, tolerant and conscious world we live in."

Workshop leaders:

Oleg Koefoed - PhD, action-philosopher. Founder in 2016 of Growing Pathways, agency for human-nature relations.

Marcus Hagemann - As a cultural ambassador, passionate cellist and cultural manager always believing in the transformative power of music, arts and creativity, Marcus has founded, curated and directed many projects, festivals and formats of international cultural dialogue.


As cultural initiative for international co-operation between cultural practitioners from across the Baltic Sea Region ARS BALTICA facilitates and encourages exchange with the aim to emphasize the importance of culture for our modern societies. Advocating for the significance of arts and culture on the political level and promoting the cultural life around the Baltic Sea is the overarching aim.

To register for workshop contact Lari Sirén (lari.siren@goethe.de)

To find out about future ARS BAltica events, follow their FB page.

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