E5 part 1 Social Lab in Stockholm 13 November 2019 IRL

Intercult´s methodology lab with Livet Bitch and invited guests from the theater world.

E1 Social Lab in Ostend 12th February 2020

Training activity for Librarians of Flandern and staff of the Ostend City Library. Starting point of I_Improve in Ostend is a "dementia friendly city" Can we develop a project?

E1 Tips from Ostend to others about activity 19Nov

Powerpoint and discussion on inclusion and shared learnings on the dementia project

E2 Social Lab in Venice 26th February 2020

Arsenalia Argonaute: an urban game inside the old Arsenale in Venice.

E2 Tips from Venice to others about activity 19Nov

Our starting point was around the reflection on the state of the art of the chosen project area - the ancient Venice Arsenale, set in the heart of the city - and around what it represents for the city nowadays. After having being for centuries the centre of the Venetian economy and strategic to the Venetian power of the seas, it hase became a marginal and  disused area but with a great potential for the future for both, its symbolic value and its functional role. 

E3 Social Innovation Lab in Poland, online event on 30th of June 2020

On 30th of June River//Cities held a webinar dedicated to Storytelling.

E3 Tips from Poland to others about activity 19Nov

Moving events online makes attendance accessible to a wider audience and encourages audiences to more active participation (they are less inhibited to share their opinions or ask questions.....

E4 Tips from Austria to others about activity 19Nov

COMMON SPACE  Preparation is important in both projects Both are about visibility in the community  Both created the safe space - digitally and in public space  Both are great empowerments  Important for young people that we older know the tools and use them 

E5_part 2 Social Lab in Stockholm 16th June 2020

On the 16th of June, Intercult had the pleasure of hosting a digital social innovation lab together with our changemaker Livet Bitch! (which translates as Life Bitch!). The theme was: theatre as a space for feminist issues.

E5 Tips from Stockholm to others about creating dissemination activties for organisational methodologies - digital workshop

The image you see as illustration to this article is an invitation to Intercult's first ever digital workshop about community theater as a safe place for feminsitic questions. .

E6 Social Lab in Vilnius, June 30th, 2020

An interactive workshop with the topic “Upė - Stories Flow. Games Workshop” has brought together cultural organizations and community managers from Lithuania, who were interested to learn about the games as a tool for participatory development of the neighborhoods.

E6 Tips from Vilnius to others about activity 19Nov

How to test a concept game during the quarantine. Let’s say you created a card game to help community managers and event organizers generate ideas for their activities. And you want to test it. The only thing is that everyone has to stay at home. Here’s what you should do.