C3 Italy - a Host


Intercult in Venice – February 21st-25th, 2019

We chose this period for visiting Venice to match two wishes. One is the improvement of the change maker progress in Venice and the second is the interest of Intercult about Urban Scene in Performing arts.  Where the Carnival may be taken us as an example.

Day 1. It was dedicated to interaction between the Improve partnership with the many actors of the Venetian game.

Starting from a deep discussion about the Faro Convention Cultural strategy Vdc and Faro Venice put in place.

Lauso Zagato and Patrizia Vachino and Umberto Rosin, professor in game marketing management at University Ca’ Foscari in Venice.

The cultural strategy Vdc and Faro Venezia put in place for an heritage walk of November 2018 was the starting point of the local strategy of the giocomaker strategy. As we deeper investigate the second day.

But before that Intercult was invited to play the prototype of the board game elaborated by Studiogiochi and Venti di Cultura.

Studiogiochi: Dario De Toffoli and Leo Collovini presented themselves about their thirty years experience in board games and dissemination of culture of game in a great sequence of board games edited with the best international producers. They are also authors on many games books.

Intercult enjoyed it and participate to the discussion about the further two steps. Matteo Alemanno, famous graphic novelist, has shown us his capturing drawings that are following similar paths.

We discussed with Matteo about both implementing the drawing of the game since the beginning and to think about  possible comics on the game plot to develop and involve a wider audience.

We discussed about a possible urban game based on the same plot with the Lithuanian group as our first goal in our next meeting.

Day 2. It began with the first meeting with the local stakeholder: Carla Toffolo by International Committee. University Game and Committee integration. She presented herself talking about both her rules looking for possible integration and matches among her teaching at University (involving the students on the game and on the events connected to) and her managing in the International Committee. Lot of interconnections, talking also about youth, people, and masses can generate attention and change directions…

In the afternoon we visited the Arsenale with the magnificence and charm presence of Captain Maurizio Loi with whom we crossed the most historical corner of the Arsenale still belonging to the Navy.

Intercult could admire the huge space, the fascination of the place, could “touch by hand” how complex is the knot among all the stakeholders, and at just the right moment the fog went down and even the Armstrong Crane has appeared as magic on the other side and we can admired it in all its iron beauty.

Day 3: visit to the Naval Museum, where we could note all the interconnections to Sweden, and all topics we talked with Carla Toffolo about.

Carnival parade, tour of the city, impressions about the crowd grew and grew all the way down until Piazza San Marco, was an experience itself.

Day 4: Carnival Event in piazza San Marco and Angel fly. We have been so impressed by the elegance of the fly, both of them: the warrior girl and the angel of the year. The parade was amazing with such sophisticated and elegant and inventive costumes we could not talk too much, we just admire all that. All around us: the happy and so passionate crowd.

Peggy Guggenheim visit for a different culture moment.

In the afternoon each of Intercult participants discovered the city by their own, skipping the crowd, or studying it, or trying to recognize characters, races, stories on each face or mask…

As planned, all these days, were interconnected with the learning activities as described in the specific report, and also with yummy frittelle, soooo much coffee, one headache, some stress, lot lot lot of words, and a huge embrace which tightened all together.

C - 3 Venice hosting Sweden - Intercult

A learning session at the discovery of the Arsenale area and to test the first draft of the board game