Three games to discover the Arsenale.

Sometimes our efforts get rewarded! Venti di Cultura received a review by the Venice local newspaper Il Gazzettino di Venezia. And they are obviously very proud of it! 

In the frame of the European project “I_improve”, the venetian cultural association Venti di Cultura, heading by Francesco Calzolaio, has created a game, called “Arsenalia” to re-discover the Arsenale of Venice. The European project has begun in 2018 and it just came to the end with the partnership of Sweden, Lithuania, Belgium, Austria, Poland and Italy (Venice). 

At the presentation of the game various International Committees Representatives have taken part, such as Carla Toffolo (International Private Committees), Marisa Convento (“Imperiaressa” – which is a cart of the game - , part of the Comitato per la Salvaguardia dell’arte delle Perle Veneziane), Matteo Alemanno, Dario de Toffoli (representative of the Studiogiochi, the studio which realizes the board game), and Giorgio Suppiej (Arzana), every bodies coordinated by Luisella Pavan-Wolfe, General Secretary of Council of Europe. 

The presentation has regarded a board game, invented by Leo Collovini (Studiogiochi), an urban game, invented by Marisa Convento and a digital game, invented by Francesco Calzolaio with Space (producer of digital games). The idea at the base of the three games is to propose innovative cultural service for the visitor of the Arsenale, to know our cultural heritage. 

Once again, Venice is a bridge for Europe such a cultural producer, and the Arsenale can came back to bee a competitor on the cultural products frame. 

In the occasion was shown a documentary on the Arsenale by Sara Pitteri and Franco Rado.