Livet Bitch! are introducing methods in I_Improve

Livet Bitch! (Life Bitch!) are introduced as an innovative partner in for Intercult in the project I_Improve. Livet Bitch! will present their methods to our international partners with the aim to spread the projects progressive methods for reaching young girls and women to the rest of Europe.

Livet Bitch! is a cultural project that originates from the young girls and women from areas with low socioeconomic status in Södertälje, Sweden. Livet Bitch! exists for young women and girls in Södertälje that has an interest in culture and would like to be a part of creating modern performing arts in Södertälje and Sweden today – from their own perspective. Livet Bitch! is an artistic and cultural platform based on collaboration and participation that aims to give young girls and women the possibility to take part of the cultural sector and our public space, regardless of their background.

Intercult are the lead partner of I_Improve. The project aims to explore informal learning for organisations in Europe with the aim to find new methods and processes for working with local communities connected to waterfronts. Each partner will distinguish a local project or initiative that represents an innovative method or process and introduce it to remaining partners.

Get in touch with Livet Bitch! here.

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