Grundtvig learning partnership - partners


1.     Poland - Impact Foundation from Warsaw Lead Partner  


Impact Foundation was established in 2008. It is organising artistic and educational events, inspiring active participation in cultural events, developing intercultural dialogue and enhancing social integration. Impact organises a few important Warsaw artistic events (workshops, festivals, exhibitions) from various forms of art and implements in Poland complex educational programme “Subject: river”. The distinguishing feature of our work is serious attitude to audience development given that artistic events are an important and attractive component of education. Impact will be in charge mainly to: coordinate and manage the project as a whole; ensure project communication among the partnership; ensure the development of the project activities as planned in the application form, will also host one seminar.


2.     Sweden - Intercult Productions Ek.For from Stockholm


Intercult is a publically funded independent production and education unit based in Stockholm, Sweden.
It functions as a hub of local, regional and international exchange of experience, best practice and expertise. The organisation produces large-scale, international interdisciplinary projects of a cultural nature. Intercult manages the ERC (European Resource Centre for Culture) and Europe Direct  offices, offering capacity-building activities, educational programmes and networking opportunities, contributing to the internationalisation of Swedish cultural structures. Intercult is active in the Swedish and European cultural policy arena, and advocates an increased EU competence in the field of culture and education. As an advocate for the transversal nature of cultural collaborations Intercult has initiated and developed several cross-sectoral partnerships and networks, of which the River//Cities Platform and Platform for Intercultural Europe are prominent.
Intercult will be in charge of content quality and a leader of promotion and dissemination of the project results, will host one seminar as well.


3.     Greece  -InnoPolis – Centre for Innovation and Culture


One of the scopes of InnoPolis is to participate actively in International and EU Funded projects & Networks of excellence,  that promote the transfer of good practices, create economies of scale, mainstream the results of cross thematic interregional co-operation, improve dialogue & multicultural understanding, facilitate co-operation of public & Private sector, alert and mobilise the civil society targeting solutions to commonly identified problems, accelerate the Bottom Up efforts for EU Integration as a global hope, assist Regional and National stakeholders to realize their interest from the implementation of  EU Regulations and EU Directives.  InnoPolis has been involved in implementing EU funded projects dealing with migrants and social excluded persons as well as women in long unemployment status.
InnoPolis will contribute to project promotion and dissemination of its results; will host one seminar.


4.     Italy - Ondadurto Teatro from Rome


Ondadurto Teatro is a company founded in 2004, based in Rome Italy. Ondadurto Teatro proposes its work as in-doors that in open-air with performances and multidisciplinary events, combining different expressive languages that reach, with poetry and irony, any cultures and international audiences.
The production of Ondadurto Teatro includes: performance on tour, site-specific events designed and implemented for special occasions, children’s theatre targeted to the formation of a new audience. Every years Ondadurto Teatro is committed in the drafting and implementation of the festival inEURoff and in social theatre workshops with the Officina Ondadurto project, this year in its third edition.
Ondadurto Officina / Ondadurto project that involves in its 3rd edition a Gypsy Community. The outbreak of ethnic and religious conflicts, the tensions caused by mass migration, environmental crises, war, told us that it is important dealing with the others and learn a basic skill of our next future: the ability to live and made relationships in a multi-ethnic society.
Ondadurto Teatro (Italy) will be in charge for the short films production; will host one seminar.


5.     Portugal - EGEAC – Empresa de Gestão de Equipamentos e Animação Cultural, EEM from Lisbon


EGEAC is a Lisbon Municipality’s public enterprise. Our main social object is to manage and preserve cultural heritage, as well as Theatres and Cinemas that belong to Lisbon City Hall; production of cultural actions and events, including festivals, shows, Festas de Lisboa (Lisbon Festivities), street events and other acts of the same nature. It’s also our duty to bring culture and events in urban spaces to all kind of audiences, promoting social inclusion within the city. In this context, and being Lisbon a port town extremely connected with Tagus River, we want to work with all kind of organisations who deal with the same subjects as ourselves, exchanging all kinds of knowledge, expertise and resources concerning urban events on the riverbanks. Our goal is to use free public space to make all kind of cultural street activities, being live music, plays, cinema, parades, gathering peoples and helping to raise consciousness around cultural issues, always with the promotion of social inclusion in mind.

EGEAC will be involved in the internet website's content development as well as production of handbook with educational materials; will host one seminar.


6.     Austria - SPÖ Wien – SPÖ Wiener Bildung from Vienna (Danube Island Festival) SPÖ Wien – SPÖ Wiener Bildung


The SPÖ Wiener-Bildung is the education secretary of the SPÖ in Vienna, the competence center for educational, cultural and knowledge management.
We organize events, seminars and field trips, offering a comprehensive range of education and training opportunities. One or our main seminars is the Party-Academy, where young colleagues taught the skills necessary for their work. Our learners are both, party members and non-members. We try to reach a wide range of people of all social stratums. Another object of the department is the organization and the marketing of a section of the Danube Island Festival and similar events where the SPÖ is involved.
SPÖ will be co-responsible for promotion and short films production; will host one seminar.


7.     Belgium - Stad Oostende from Ostend


The City Council is partner in the program through its Management of Cultural Affairs. Within the Management of Cultural Affairs the public library is a department which is involved in various actions on lifelong learning. The library is a basic service that offers citizens chances and opportunities to learn a whole life long, to be well informed and to discover and experience the richness of culture. Through the Zandletters project on digital literacy and e-culture, with a crossover between local educational, social and cultural partners, it has become a hub for community life.
Oostende is situated centrally on the Belgian coast and has 69.000 inhabitants. The town has a definite population: it is outspoken grey, there are 22 % single parent homes and 11,6 % of the population is unemployed. Both the average income and the average degree of education are low. All these characteristics define Oostende and the challenges it stands for. Projects with various partners on local heritage and story-telling trigger citizens to participate.
Oostende will be involved in the development of the project website, as well as production of the handbook; will host one seminar.



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