Seminar in Vienna, Austria


Wednesday 24. June
17:00    Meeting at the Lobby at both Hotels, a guide will take you by public transport to the internal Preparty on the Danube Island.
17:30    Meeting at the Party, Dinner, afterwards a short walk on the island to the “Prater Island”

Thursday 25. June

08:00    Meeting at the Lobby at both Hotels, a guide will take you to the meeting point
09:30    Amy Sharrocks  Water Installation
Amy Sharrocks is a live artist, sculptor and film-maker who invites people to come on journeys in which their own experience, communication and expression are a vital part. Undertaking these journeys with a sense of humour, joy and risk, Amy creates work that is rich, unpredictable and different every time. This invitation and the bravery and invention of people’s responses, produces new avenues for exploration and fantastic visions within the everyday.
10:30    -“Bike Tour: From National Park Lobau to the largest open air festival in Europe”
Our two tour guides will explain the National Park Lobau which is very near to the festival area. The Lobau is a Vienna floodplain on the northern side of the Danube. It has been part of the Danube-Auen National Park since 1996 and has been a protected area since 1978. It is used as a recreational area. Its wildlife is very unique for a major city in Europe. We will learn and discuss how the City of Vienna and the Viennese population uses the waterfront.
We will have lunch during the tour
15:00    Tour “Behind the scenes of the Danube Island Festival with Thomas Waldner”
16:00    Free Time on the Island or in the City or go to the Hotel
18:30    Doors open to the Open Seminar: Audience Development on the Danube Island Festival: Nuture Nature
19:00    Start of the Seminar:
- 32. Years Danube Island Festival: A short overview on the last 32 years
- Fabian Looman, Head of Organisation of the SPÖ Vienna:
 “Audience Development and Security on the Festival”
- Albert Spielbichler, Research Director Triconsult “Economic analyzes of research”
“How to measure a festival? Who is our audience?”
- Mag. Harald Gross , Municipal Department 22 for environment protection:
 “The History of the Danube Island in Vienna and its unique nature”
Guest Speaker
- Emma Cullen, Pojects & Marketing Manager: Eureka Skydeck, Australia:

Afterwards we suggest having dinner at a nearby restaurant, but as it was a long day you are open to leave.

Friday 26. June

09:00    Meeting at the Hotel Lobby, a guide will take you to the meeting point
Löwelstraße 18, 1010 Wien
09:30    Welcome by Katharina Schinner, Deputy Party Secretary of the SPÖ Vienna
10:00    Workshop: “Audience Development in your Cities”
11:30    Internal Meeting of the Grundtvig Partners: The final report
13:30    Short walk through the city center of Vienna and the Danube Canal
14:00    Lunch at “Bermuda Bräu” near the Danube Canal
    Public Transport to the Danube Island Festival
    Tour on the Festival:
Union Island, Island of the socialist youth, Island of the young generation of the SPÖ Vienna and others

Saturday. 27 June

09:30    Meeting at the Hottel Lobby, a guide will take you tot the BIZ
BIZ – Bildungszentrum der SPÖ Wien, Praterstraße 25, 1020 Wien
10:00    Internal Meeting / Board Meeting
How should we proceed? / Future of the Project ? / New Partnerships ? .


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