Seminar in Vienna, Austria

Reflection of Davor Miskovic

Reflections on Vienna meeting and seminar Audience Development on the Danube Island Festival: Nurture Nature

by Davor Mišković

Vienna meeting concluded the Rivers of Opportunities project. It was an opportunity to discuss project results and outcomes. Discussion on project results have shown that partners had learn different approaches in audience development and reactivating public spaces through cultural and artistic programs. Based on a sharing of the local experiences and knowledge project has achieved its goal of improving the audiences development approaches among the partners. Reflection on project results has shown how different elements of city life and cultural programs, from urban structure, habits, spaces to type of artistic work, are integral part of audience development strategies.

Seminar  Audience Development on the Danube Island Festival: Nurture Nature was structured around several presentation and following discussion that we can divide in two thematic approaches – impact on citizens and impact on nature. Later has shown how every city has a certain wildlife that we as citizens should take in account as a part of our urban environment. In Vienna organizer of Danube Island Festival are taking special measures to minimize effect on wildlife on island where festival is taking place. Impact on citizens is category that is difficult to measure. However, Vienna's SPÖ, who are festival organizers, are trying to quantify that impact. Through different methods they are trying to measure what type of program is attracting their audience and what kind of impact program has. They are collecting data through analysis of stream of visitors, on-site polls and ex-post facto interviews. Collected data is important not only to improve organizational and program aspect of the festival but even more as evidence in a public sphere of importance of such event. Of course, that data is also important material to attract sponsors and partners.

Danube Island Festival is a large event, one of the biggest in Europe and Rivers Cities platform has benefited from its participation in Rivers of Opportunities project. Having direct information on organizational and production aspects of such a large scale event helped us to understand better what are the interests and expectations of European citizens. 


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