Baltic Audience Links Partner meeting and public seminar Gdańsk, 17-20 May.


Gdansk meeting’s off-programme will be focused on the insight into the new vibrant urban space in Gdansk: GARNIZON (Garrison).


Wednesday 17 May 2017



17.00 -18.00

Study visit to Sztuka Wyboru (Art of Choosing) creative space in Garnizon,

Creative talk with Alicja Żarkiewicz - “Creative Collective MAMYWENE”


Study visit to Stary Maneż creative space in Garnizon (in Polish, nice photos though)


Thursday 18 May 2017

10.00- 11.00

Study vistit to Clipster creative space in Garnison



Study Visit:  Gdańsk Shipyard from women’s perspective – the route of Metropolitanka, led by Anna Miller, Arteria Association, Gdansk.

 The project, Metropolitanka (the Metropolitan woman) reveals her/stories of brave and creative women: Polish political activists, workers of Vladimir Lenin Shipyard in Gdańsk and artists who were devoted to this place after democratic transformation.


14.30 - 18.30 the BSCC, the Old Town Hall, 33/35 Korzenna St.

Welcome by Lawrence Okey Ugwu, director of the BSCC


River//Cities panel session: Participatory Culture on Waterfronts

Led by Klara Kopcinska (R//C Foundation, Warsaw), with the participation of R//C network members incl. Stefan Teisanu (Cluj Cultural Centre (CCC)Romania), Iwona Preis (Intercult Sweden), Magdalena Zakrzewska-Duda (BSCC, Poland).



Neighbourhood projects - Clymene Christoforou and Sharon Bailey  (both ISIS ARTS, CORNERS project’s experts).

 Coffee break


Update on Baltic Audience Links Project/ Iwona Preis (Intercult, Sweden)
Presentation of the new BAL website.

16.30 – 19.00 – with coffee break
"Participatory urban culture and non-formal education: Baltic Audience Development" led by Jekaterina Lavrinec (, urban games and research lab), Vilnius, Lithuania

Presentations and debate

This session will be focused on the approaches and challenges that cultural actors meet in their practice of including various groups of people into the process of cultural revitalization of the local areas. We are going to map the tendencies in participatory urban culture by arranging open discussion focusing on innovative methods, tools and challenges in this field. We also will focus on the role of non-formal learning and the role of creativity in developing spatial awareness and sensible attitude to the urban settings. During this session a study, focused on the tendencies in participatory urban culture in Lithuania, Latvia and Poland will be presented, among others.

Cases presented by:


Eugenijus Kaminskis (Creative Lithuania project, Vilnius)

Overview of the research on Placemaking in Lithuania


Rasa Chmieliauskaite (TEKA, Kaunas, Lithuania). TEKA riverbank revival – City and the River

Tomas S. Butkus (Vario Burnos, Vilnius, Lithuania. “Universe Minor” – Spatial Education Workshop for Children

Ieva Lange (, Riga, Latvia)

Anna and Wenancjusz Ochmann (Foundation ARTeria, Zabrze)

Lott Alfreds (ArtAgent, Sweden)

Julia Löf (Youth in the countryside, Sweden)

Friday 19 May 2017

10.00 -14.00 the BSCC, the Old Town Hall

How to Widen Public Participation in the Urban Planning Context?

Workshops led by Roman Sebastyanski



Authorities of many European cities try to involve their citizens in the visioning, planning and decision making processes concerning their common future. However, in most cases it has been several hundred instead of thousands involved, which raises the question about political legitimacy of decisions based on such processes. The problem corresponds closely with a concepts of Audience Development presented by Chris Torch from Intercult and Agata Etmanowicz from Impact Foundation at the 4th Strategic Project Development Workshop (9th November 2016 Stockholm, Sweden) and Co-urbanism presented at the event in Vilnius, Lithuania (07-08 April 2017). The goal of this three hour seminar and workshop in Gdansk is  to present, discuss and co-invent original methods of broadening the public access to urban political decision making processes.


Artists and activists roles in widening public participation – the case of Gdansk Shipyard

 (15 minutes presentation and 15 minutes discussion)


10:30-12:30 WORKSHOP – How to widen public participation?


 The cases of Gdansk Shipyard and Glasgow-Govan

 Anna Miler (Arteria Association, Gdansk) and Liz Gardner (Fablevision, the UK)



Presentations of inventive results and discussion


 Game of Shipyard – presentation of the interactive urban planning web application

(15 minutes presentation and 15 minutes discussion)


 Shipyard of Solidarity – presentation of the public participative urban planning process

(15 minutes presentation and 15 minutes discussion)



How to widen public participation in the urban planning context? – concluding discussion

(30 minutes)



Study visits to Dolne Miasto – Corners project.


Visit to CAC Laznia 1 – opening of the exhibition Masaki Fujihata, Augmenting the World.


Saturday 20 May 2017

CORNERS OF EUROPE at Gdansk artistic event of the project.


You Can read about our invited guests and speakers Here.



The project is co financed by the Baltic Sea Unit at Swedish Institute in Stockholm.




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