Meeting in Prague, Czech Republic

London in Prague

Mobility to attend meetings on 24/07/2015 – 25/07/2015

Thames Festival Trust learners: Anna Coombes, Alex James, Athanassia Williamson travelled to Prague to meet with River//Cities representations Pavel Zelinka (United Islands, Prague International Music Festival).

-        Visited festival sites and discussed logistics relating to different festival site locations

-        Visited festival facilities

-        Understood issues of funding for small arts festivals

-        Discussed international outreach and collaboration

-        Discussed the issues in cost of booking larger music acts to perform resulting in unsustainable costs and a loss of the festival’s unique identity. Gained a valuable insight into the importance of retaining that unique identity, through having free events and hosting upcoming artists.

-        Learned about how the festival responded to sponsorship dropouts and alternative fundraising methods such as public funding.


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