Fossano Meeting, June 2012

The 3rd Culture for Waterfronts Grundtvig's Project meeting was organised during the Mirabilia International Festival in Fossano near Turin (Italy) from 13th till 16th of June 2012. The meeting topic was the following: Impact of Culture on Public space: social impact and outcomes of open-air activities and revaluation of urban territories. Participants met both local and international cultural activists (e.g. LA FAI AR, an international LAB for new productions and artists interested in open-air performances) as well as representatives of other sectors working on waterfront areas (e.g. the Gesso and Stura Riverside Reserve representatives).

Mirabilia International Performing Arts Festival is a focal point in Italy, where professional Italian and European artists can meet each other. The presence, in the same place and at the same time, of about 200 operators and professionals of the creative industries and more than 260 artists from all over Europe, stimulated cultural interconnection at international level. The basis of Mirabilia is discussion on cultural differences in creation and focus on specific geographical areas. There are outdoor performances as well as conferences focusing on European activities, networking meetings, European projects gatherings, possibilities of internship and training.

The first panel has seen the presence and participation of local and regional politicians on Gesso and Stura Riverside Reserve and the topics were focused on two main themes:
- The philosophy behind a creation/planning of this area;
- Problems and future actions for the development of this area.

The second panel focused on:
- Impact of performing arts on the public and urban space;
- The use of cultural activities in the urban space: a value for the community.
The speakers were Fabrizio Gavosto, artistic director of Mirabilia Festival, the French company Aquacoustique, the international directress and creative Delande Nadege, and above all a major contribution has been delivered by Dominique Trichet, director of FAI AR, an international lab for new productions and artists interested in open-air performances. Dominique Trichet, after an introduction of the project that concerns the City Theatre of Marseille 2013, has developed and addressed the issue: Problems and aesthetic of site-specific productions along rivers. During this meeting important reflections on the aesthetic and the artistic vision have been addressed.

Several meetings have enriched the Culture for Waterfronts programme:
- Trans-Mission meeting: a collaborative project that aims to improve practices in the creation, production and dissemination in the field of contemporary circus. Trans-Mission’s four partners - Disaster Area (Brussels), The Grainerie (Grand Toulouse Balma), La Central del Circ (Barcelona) and Zelig (Turin) - have decided to pool their expertise in helping and supporting the creation, the skills of their human resources, and their respective networks.
- Circus Next meeting: this debate arose from the observation that young artists and companies encounter real difficulties in their creative process; therefore Circus Next operation intends to find and nurture the discovery of these young creators and to foster new ways of working within the field of circus arts. Considered as one of the main support operations for young authors and creators in this field, Circus Next keeps its purpose of supporting creation and accompanying in public promotion.

Meeting attendees:
- 100 participants during the Meeting organized in Fossano by 14th of June 2012
- More than 27 Artists/Companies during the meetings sharing opinions and ideas
- 31 participants during the visit and conference along the Stura River

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