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Council Members


Acting pursuant to §21 of the Foundation’s Bylaws the Board decides to establish the River//Cities Platform Foundation’s Council as its advisory body. Representatives of organisations/institutions and individuals that want to be active within the Platform can be River//Cities Foundation Council Members.


The Council Member's Basic Responsibilities:
- to contribute to defining strategies of the River//Cities Platform Foundation
- to participate in at least one River//Cities project or event per year (if organised)
- to include River//Cities in at least one of its organisation's own activity per year (if organised)
- to promote R//C Platform 

  • add the R//C logo, FB link and www.river-cities.net link to your own website in a visible position, mention the Platform during the related events, in press releases, in promotional materials,
  • use R//C promo movie when/where applicable,
  • like R//C FB page, recommend it to others
  • send to us regular updates about your organisation's activities, projects, events (in English) with links and images.


The Council Member's Benefits:
- involvement in recognised international network
- learning and capacity-building opportunities
- participation in collaborative projects
- access to reliable knowledge resource
- access to multidisciplinary perspective
- promotion (of provided information about your organisation, so we could write about you on the R//C website; please also send us some images of your river/lake/sea area)
- influence on the decision-making for the future of the network.

Foundation Council Members representatives can be elected to the River//Cities Foundation’s Board.


Other Platforms or Networks of cooperation can become R//C Partners.




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