The Vistula District, Warsaw, Poland

The Vistula District – the informal 19th district of Warsaw: open, friendly and diversified.

Spending time by the Vistula riverbank in Warsaw becomes more and more popular each year. In the middle of a busy city, it offers an escape from noise and traffic.


The City implements projects connected to the river and the riverbanks making sure that the 19th district has something to offer for everyone.
Those into sports can enjoy the recreational track on the Praga side of the river, the Vistula Cycling Track (VCT), outdoor gyms etc. and many water sport activities. Tourists will enjoy a stroll along the Vistula boulevards and an amazing show at the Multimedia Fountain Park. Partying enthusiasts, on the other hand, can visit many waterfront clubs and cafes.
Please visit the Vistula District’s website to learn more about the current events taking place there.

Among coming events there is a series of thematic  walks along the river led by the ARTE Foundation. More (in Polish) on this site.


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