V&A Dundee Opening, 15 September 2018, Scotland

An international centre of design, V&A Dundee will present the best of design from Scotland and around the world. The story of Scotland’s design achievements, and their potential to inspire new creativity for the future,  has never been fully presented . Now, for the first time and in one place, Scotland's design heritage, its past, present and future, will be explored.

What can be expected after V&A Dundee’s opening later this  year?
First of all  exhibitions. The Scottish Design Galleries will be the heart of the new museum with 300 amazing objects on display. The international programme of touring exhibitions, showcasing the very best of design from around the world will premiere with Ocean Liners: Speed and Style.
The Michelin Design Gallery will present contemporary design talent through fast-changing installations by emerging designers as well as creative projects developed through the museum’s programme, while the temporary exhibitions and permanent galleries will be complemented by exciting new commissions and installations.

V&A Dundee will also house, amonge others,  the dynamic learning spaces, designed to accommodate visitors of all ages and backgrounds to learn from and participate in design creativity and  a design residency studio.

The new museum has an ambition to become  a catalyst, a point of connection that will bring  people and diverse organisations together in a new creative way. This includes the development of Dundee Waterfront, transforming the city image. V&A Dundee is at the pioneer of that transformation, helping attract new businesses, investors and professionals to the area.

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