The Lore of Water: Artistic action on River Erkyna, Levadia 15-20Apr 2019


After an intensive research during the January residency, Memory of Water team travels this week to Levadia  for the Lore of Water: Artistic Intervention to work with local and international

artists, community groups and politicians on a series of artistic interventions and actions  along, on  and in the River Erkyna.

Artists from Gdansk, Gothenburg, Govan, Levadia, Limerick and Ostend, will create a programme of inclusive and participatory activities related to local heritage sites as a counterpoint to top-

down policies often associated with the regeneration of post-industrial European cities.

During the same week, on 17th of April  during Memory of Water first production residency the Municipality of Levadia will be hosting a first in a series of Digital Labs. City's Mayor - Mrs. Yiota

Poulou will present regeneration plans for the River Erkyna and address the challenges posed by the artistic team during the last research visit.


The event will also include contributions from partner cities and address project's core question: what’s next for waterfront heritage zones in post-industrial European cities?

Memory of Water will be live on FB @memoryofwaterEU on Wednesday 17 April 2019 from 10am IST.

To be up to date with what's happening during this week's residency follow Memory Of Water FB page.


Project Partners:

Intercult, lead partner
Baltic Sea Cultural Centre, Polen
Ostende stad, Belgien
Municipality of Levadia, Grekland
Ormston House, Irland
Fablevision, Storbritannien


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