The Cultural Cruise, 27 July - 1 August 2017, Żulawy Region, Poland

2017 is the Year of the Vistula River. On that occasion the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdansk like to invite younger and older audiences to the picnic „The Cultural Cruise” in several locations on the lower Vistula, where they can enjoy various activities in the realm of  literature and music as well as art and craft workshops.

The project's calendar:

27.07 – RYBINA (park, Rybina St.)
29.07 – SZTUTOWO (marina)
1.08 – MIKOSZEWO (near the ferry terminal)
The Program includes the following:

photo exhibition by Macieja Moskwa,

games for children,

food stalls,

cheese making, amber processing

creative workshops for children „The Nature of Żuławy region”
the Vistula in literature

concerts of  FALE, Mała Mi and Tomasz Olszewski

More information (in Polish) here.


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