STEPS, Lisbon and Rijeka, till December 2018

Lisbon and Rijeka (Rijeka 2020 - Port of Diversity) are selected to implement the pilot project on Cultural Heritage and diverse societies
The Joint Programme of the Council of Europe and the European Union, "Building specialisation strategies on local participation and heritage resources" aims at strengthening community cohesion, promoting trust, dialogue and mutual understanding across diverse societies through participatory mapping and mobilisation of cultural heritage resources in municipalities members of the of Intercultural Cities network. Furthermore urban heritage is the expression of a city’s identity.

Different to national identities, urban identities can be inclusive to everyone living in a city, across national borders or citizenships. An intercultural approach to its heritage sector allows a city to actively open up the urban identity to all communities, increasing trust, mutual recognition and eventually community cohesion through an identity inclusive to all.

The project will involve three main steps:
-    Heritage-Mapping and need assessment in relation to community cohesion
-    Network mobilisation, training and heritage-based strategic planning
-    Developing of perception change indicators and monitoring of results through an initial and final survey

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