Museum of Water Opens in Western Australia, 7 Feb - 23 March 2018, Perth,

At Fremantle Arts Centre, in the framework of Perth Festival 2018. Created by Amy Sharrocks.

You can see more than 500 bottles of water, each with its own remarkable story. There are samples from Poison Gully and the Dragon Tree Soak, grey water from a laundry, a splash from a Paralympian’s swimming pool.

Each bottle has its story  - the Museum’s custodians share the many tales behind each bottle. While visiting the Museum, you can also share your own story by donating a bottle of water that is precious to you during the Festival. Alongside the main collection allow time to wander the hallways, where water pools in unexpected places or go for a walk with your own private rain cloud.

Celebrate Perth Festival’s two-year commission of Museum of Water with a programme of events you can watch, listen to, jump in and be part of.

More information on this site.


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