Kayaking in the Dviete Wetlands Nature Park, Early Spring, Latvia

The Dviete Wetlands Nature Park was established in 2004 in order to preserve the natural water-meadows. It is a great place for bird watchers and fans of beautiful and natural scenery. The Nature Park encompasses a unique natural territory – the ancient Dviete River valley with Lake Sku?i and Lake Dviete and the surrounding wetland meadows. During flooding season, these wetlands store up waters from the Daugava River.


In springtime, when the snow melts, it fills the river Daugava, flooding roads, meadows and forests. The area around the two small lakes turns into 50 km2 of wetland, which becomes the perfect place not only for the migrating water birds but also for kayaking. This is a route for people who enjoy extreme or non¬traditional water tourism, even though the descent in the Dviete River is no more than one metre. Season: flooding season (early April to early May). Locals say that "the floodwaters rise for two weeks, remain in place for two weeks, and then decline for two weeks."


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