The Don River Valley Park Art Program, Toronto, Canada

The Don River Valley Park Art Program is a curated series of temporary public artworks taking place along the Don River. Local, national and international artists are invited to create site-specific projects, showing ecological, cultural or industrial perspectives and more. In the framework of the Don River Valley Park Art Program in Toronto, Canada, artist Gareth Long set up an extraordinary art project, called "Travels with two Donkeys in the Valley".

The donkey project took place on every Saturday throughout June. Two donkeys from the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada spent the day in the Park. To provide shelter, the artist designed a donkey shed, that was easy to put up and to take down again. The installation of the structure took about three hours each morning, and the same to disassemble in the evening. Now that the project is finished, the shed was donated to the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, where it can provide shelter for the donkeys every day.

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Donkeys and the structure on event day. Photo by: Claire Harvey.

Two donkeys in the Valley stand beneath their structure.



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