"Digital or Not? Questions on Audience Development", 16 November 2017, Rome, Italy

The debate "Digital or Not? Questions on Audience Development", organised by Culture Action Europe in the framework of the Mu.SA project, 16.11.2017 in Rome.

Alex Meszmer - Transitory Museum of Pfyn, Antonia Silvaggi - Mu.SA project, MeltingPro, Claudia di Giacomo - Fabulamundi, PAV , Alessandro Salvati - TUO Museo, Claudio di Biagio - Zètema Progetto Cultura, Sara Sottini - DICHE, CoopCulture met in Rome, during Culture Action Europe's Beyond the Obvious international conference, to debate the role of digital in engaging with audiences, increasing cultural participation and creating cultural content.

One of the conlusions, as summerised by  Annalisa Cicerchia, was the following :
“Fascinating as it may be, digital is not a panacea. It works beautifully in a wide range of cultural settings and audience demands, but evidence from international cultural practice point to the fact that other settings rather require real. We need a systematic research effort to identify where digital solutions work best, and where the real touch is to be preferred, also if we want to avoid that the existing digital divide widens and creates more inequality and exclusion: for instance, among the digital illiterate elderly citizens”.


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